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15. November 2022

Multiplex PCR Influenza-like symptoms
It can be difficult to distinguish between influenza and coronavirus due to their similar symptoms. Fast diagnosis enables targeted treatment to the virus concerned. With our Multiplex PCR ...

02. November 2022

labor team w ag acquires HämostaseThromboseZentrum Zürich
labor team w ag, the fourth largest medical laboratory in Switzerland, has acquired the HämostaseThromboseZentrum Zürich. The takeover is a further, important step in labor team w ag’s growth strategy and ...

21. September 2022

Empowering women at labor team w ag
7 of 10 employees at labor team w ag are women. 25% of our C-level positions are also held by women, which is a comparatively high share. For an employer, this is reason enough to ensure fair...

31. August 2022

Ziwig Endotest®: A Quantum Leap in the Diagnosis of Endometriosis
Most women affected by endometriosis have suffered for years before a diagnosis could be made. In some cases, surgical intervention was required for diagnosis. This thorny ordeal can be shortened to a few days thanks to an innovative test.

07. June 2022

Free vitamin D and vitamin D binding protein
Until now, the determination of the vitamin D status was done by measuring the total vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D). With the new opportunity to determine the free vitamin D and the vitamin D-binding protein (VDBP), questions regarding the vitamin D status is answered more precisely and in a more personalised way in certain clinical situations.

19. April 2022

The M371 testicular cancer test can detect testicular germ cell tumours with high diagnostic certainty
The analysis can be used in the following clinical situations: To support primary diagnostics, to determine the success of surgery, to monitor the success of treatment and to monitor for relapses.

19. April 2022

sdLDL is a meaningful and independent risk factor for the development and progression of atherosclerosis
The extent of coronary heart disease correlates significantly with the sdLDL value. Compared to LDL, sdLDL is a better predictor of cardiovascular events. sdLDL can be significantly elevated despite normal LDL.

12. April 2022

Determination of fetal Rhesus D factor from maternal blood
The Rhesus D factor is a characteristic of blood groups and determining the RhD factor is very important for the expectant mother. This because if the mother is Rh-negative and the unborn child is Rh-positive, the newborn could be exposed to life-threatening complications.