01355 - Phthalates (plasticizers)

Material & Volume
  • Urine, 10ml
Clinical Information

Phthalates are used as plasticizers for plastics such as PVC, nitrocellulose or synthetic rubber.
When assessing phthalates, a distinction must be made between low molecular weight (DEHP, DBP and others) and higher molecular weight phthalates (DINP, DIDP, DPHP and others).
Low molecular weight phthalates are considered as problematic compounds because of their suspected hormonal effects (infertility, obesity and diabetes in men). It has not been ruled out that low-molecular phthalates, parabens and PCBs, among other things, disturb the hormone balance of male fetuses and children and thus lead to feminization. Other studies have suggested that phthalates may be a risk factor for preterm birth.

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  • plasticizers plastics phthalates
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