019 - Hemostasis

Material & Volume
  • Citrate plasma 1:10, 1ml
  • The tube must be filled right up to the mark. After drawing the blood, centrifuge it immediately, then remove the plasma with a pipette.
Related analyses
Description Material
Prothrombine time, PT Citrate plasma 1:10
INR value Citrate plasma 1:10
aPTT Citrate plasma 1:10
Thrombin time, TT Citrate plasma 1:10
Fibrinogen Citrate plasma 1:10
Position / Price
Position: Mandatory provision
Price: CHF 33.90
+ Processing fee:
(per order and per day)
CHF 21.60
Executing laboratory
labor team w ag
Blumeneggstrasse 55
9403 Goldach
Execution time
1 day
During opening-hours:
Outside opening-hours: