02308 - Testicular cancer marker M371

Material & Volume
  • Serum frozen, 2ml
Clinical Information

The M371 testicular cancer test can detect testicular germ cell tumours with high diagnostic certainty. Studies show sensitivities of 89-96% and specificities of over 90%. MicroRNA miR-371a-3p expressed by testicular germ cell tumour tissue correlates closely with the presence, stage and size of the testicular tumour.

Seminomas and non-seminomas (with the exception of teratomas) can be reliably detected with the M371 testicular cancer test. Due to its very high sensitivity and specificity, miR-371a-3p levels should be determined pre- and postoperatively in addition to the established parameters AFP, β-hCG and LDH. After orchiectomy, this method is a quicker way of confirming that all the tumour tissue has been removed, as miR-371a-3p has a significantly shorter half-life than the traditional serum markers.

The analysis can be used in the following clinical situations:

- To support primary diagnostics
- To determine the success of surgery
- To monitor the success of treatment
- To monitor for relapses

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