0245 - Neuro Endocrine Profile

Material & Volume
  • Early morning urine with HCl (1 ml HCL 10%) and 5x saliva
  • Saliva: special sampling set M7459 (please order in the laboratory, tel. 071 844 45 45)
Related analyses
Description Material
Estradiole Saliva 1
Testosterone Saliva 1
cortisol (morning) Saliva 1
Cortisol (after 2h) Saliva 2
Cortisol (after 5h) Saliva 3
Cortisol (after 8h) Saliva 4
Cortisol (after 12h) Saliva 5
DHEA (morning) Saliva 1
DHEA (after 12h) Saliva 5
Progesterone Saliva 1
pH (acidified urine) Urine acidified
Creatinine Urine
Adrenalin Urine acidified
Adrenalin/creatinin Calculated
Noradrenalin Urine acidified
Noradrenaline/creatinin Calculated
Dopamine Urine acidified
Dopamine/Creatinin Calculated
Serotonin Urine acidified
Serotonin/creatinin Calculated
Histamine/Creatinine Calculated
Methylhistamine/creatinine Calculated
Imidazole acetic acid/creatinine Calculated
Methyl imidazolacetic acid/creatinine Calculated
Position / Price
Position: Mandatory provision
Price: CHF 309.30
+ Processing fee:
(per order and per day)
CHF 21.60
Executing laboratory
labor team w ag
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9403 Goldach
Execution time
1 day
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