Anti-Factor 10 activity

Clinical Information

LMW Heparin (low molecular-weight Heparin), unfractionated Heparin and the ‘new orally administered anticoagulants’ (NOACs, e.g. Fondaparinux, Rivaroxaban, etc.) have the effect of the preferred ‘Xa’ inhibitor factor in the course of the coagulation cascade. The dosage of such anticoagulants has to be adjusted to weight; laboratory checks are normally not necessary. Clinical indications for determining the ‘anti-factor Xa activity’ are: kidney insufficiency, pregnancy, long-term therapies, extreme bleeding- or thrombosis –hazard, or extreme over- or underweight, and in newborn babies and small children.
N.B.: Please always contact us by phone (under 071 844 4545), to ensure immediate sample collection; blood samples should preferably be taken in the morning . Blood samples should be taken 2 (-4) hours after the medication has been administered. For evaluation purposes, we need the data of the administered medication: please select the appropriate Profile Number accordingly.

Associated profiles
NO. Description Material
5417 Rivaroxaban (anti-factor Xa) Citrate plasma 1:10, 1ml
54170 Apixaban (anti-factor Xa) Citrate plasma 1:10
7737 Anti-Xa-Aktivität (Heparine Calcium) Citrate plasma 1:10
7764 Anti-Xa-Aktivität (Natrium-Heparinat) Citrate plasma 1:10
7765 Citrate plasma 1:10
7766 Citrate plasma 1:10
7767 Citrate plasma 1:10
7768 Citrate plasma 1:10
7727 Citrate plasma 1:10
7728 Edoxaban (anti-factor Xa) Citrate plasma 1:10
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  • NOAK
  • LMWH
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