1977 - Flupentixol

Material & Volume
  • Serum, 1ml
Reference values
Age Sex Pregnant Range Unit
All No 0.5-5.0 therapeutic range
>15 toxic
Clinical Information

Type of drug: Antipsychotic
Metabolism: CYP2D6
Half life t½: 20-40h
Steady State: 1 week
TDM: recommended
Additional informations:

Flupentixol is an effective ingredient of the neuroleptics group and is administered for the treatment of acute- and long-term –schizophrenia and psychosis. The agent has an effect as an antagonist of the dopamin-D1-receptors and dopamin-D2-recptors as well as inhibiting the serotonin-5HT-2A-receptors and additionally affecting the ‘FIASMA’ acerbic sphingomyelinase. The resulting effects are antipsychotic, disinhibitory and mood enhancing . However, flupentixol scarcely possesses anticholinergic or allaying characteristics. Frequent side effects are lassitude, fidgetiness, dyskinesia and hypotension.

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  • Deanxit®
  • Fluanxol®
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