3640 - Sirolimus

Material & Volume
  • EDTA Blood, 1ml
Reference values
Age Sex Pregnant Range Unit
All No 4.0-12.0 Initial treatment with cyclosporin
12.0-20.0 Maintenance treatment wiithout cyclosporin
Clinical Information

Sirolimus, as gained from actinomycytes, blocks the antigens’ activated T-cell proliferation of the G1-phase into the S-phase of the cell cycle by means of its immune suppressive characteristics. The mechanism is based on the bonding of the active agent with the mTOR protein, which leads to the inhibition of the cytokinin mediated signal transduction: i.e. the inhibition of the activating of the S6 ribosome proteins and the formation complex of the p34cdc2-kinase with cyclin E. Sirolimus is also administered for the prophylaxis of rejection actions following organ transplantations. Possible side effects are infections and haematological disruptions.

Type of drug: Immunosuppressive
Metabolism: CYP3A4, P-gp(ABCB1)
Steady State: 6 days
TDM: highly recommended/ norm of treatment
Additional informations: Beware of interactions with CYP3A4 and P-gp(ABCB1) inhibitors and inducers.

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  • Rapamune®
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