4937 - Dialysis profile II

Material & Volume
  • Serum before dialysis, 2ml
  • Serum after dialysis, 2ml
Related analyses
Description Material
Alkaline phosphatase AP Serum
AST/GOT Serum free of hemolysis
Cholesterol Serum
Triglycerides Serum
Creatinine Serum
Creatinine Serum
Urea, BUN Serum
Urea, BUN (2) Serum
Urea reduction ratio URR Calculated
Uric acid Serum
Glucose Fluoride blood or serum
Ferritin Serum
Transferrin Serum
Transferrin saturation Calculated
Calcium Serum
Phosphate Serum
Phosphate (2) Serum
Calcium phosphate product Calculated
Albumin Serum
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