556 - Amino acids

Material & Volume
  • urine or 24h urine, 50ml
  • 24h urine with declaration of total volume
Related analyses
Description Material
Cystathionine Urine
Phosphoserine Urine
Taurine Urine
Phosphoethanolamine Urine
Aspartic acid Urine
Hydroxyproline Urine
Threonine Urine
Serine Urine
Asparagine Urine
Glutamic acid Urine
Glutamine Urine
α-aminoadipicacid Urine
Proline Urine
Glycine Urine
Alanine Urine
Citrulline Urine
α-aminobutyric acid Urine
Valine Urine
Cystine Urine
Methionine Urine
Isoleucine Urine
Leucine Urine
Tyrosine Urine
Phenylalanine Urine
Homocystine Urine
β-Aanine Urine
β-aminobutyric acid Urine
γ-aminobutyric acid Urine
Histidine Urine
3-Methylhistidine Urine
1-Methylhistidine Urine
Tryptophane Urine
Carnosine Urine
Ornithine Urine
Lysine Urine
Arginine Urine
Product names
Analyses groups
  • Nutrition / Micronutrients
Position / Price
Position: Mandatory provision
Price: CHF 186.80
+ Processing fee:
(per order and per day)
CHF 21.60
Executing laboratory
Partially external services
Execution time
Part result: 1 day
Final result: 14 days
During opening-hours:
Outside opening-hours: