66990 - COVID certificate (only for self-paying patients), PCR

Clinical Information

Together with the analysis "Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR)" (66913 Swab, 66902
pharyngeal lavage/saliva), a COVID certificate can be requested.

For this purpose, the profile 66990 must be ordered additionally.

In case of a negative result, a certificate is issued which is valid for 72 hours from the time of sample collection (only if the patient is a self-payer; no certificate is issued for examinations according to the sampling strategy).
In case of a positive result, a certificate is issued in any case. The validity of the convalescent certificate starts on the 11th day after testing and lasts 365 days in Switzerland from the positive test result. (Validity in countries that are members of the EU/EFTA gateway: 180 days from positive result).

From 16.11.2021, even if the result of an antibody test is positive, a certificate will be issued on request and will be valid for 90 days in Switzerland (if blood is taken after 15.11.2021), profile no. 66993.

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