7563 - FUO Fever of unknown origin

Material & Volume
  • Serum, 10ml
    EDTA blood, 5ml
    Urine 10ml
    Heparinized blood, without barrier gel, 2 tubes
Clinical Information

The profile includes a large selection of possible causes of an FUO.
To avoid high costs, a step-by-step assessment is recommended taking into account the history and clinical findings.

Related analyses
Description Material
Leukocytes EDTA Blood
Neutrophils EDTA Blood
Eosinophils EDTA Blood
Basophils EDTA Blood
Monocytes EDTA Blood
Lymphocytes EDTA Blood
Neutrophils absolute Calculated
Eosinophils absolute Calculated
Basophils absolute Calculated
Monocytes absolute Calculated
Lymphocytes absolute Calculated
Thrombocytes (platelets) EDTA Blood
Erythrocytes EDTA Blood
Hematocrit EDTA Blood
Hemoglobin EDTA Blood
RDW (ec anisocytosis) EDTA Blood
CD3+ T lymphocytes EDTA Blood
CD4+ T lymphocytes EDTA Blood
CD8+ T lymphocytes EDTA Blood
CD3+HLADR+ activated T lymphocytes EDTA Blood
CD56+CD3- NK cells EDTA Blood
CD19+ B lymphocytes EDTA Blood
Alkaline phosphatase AP Serum
AST/GOT Serum free of hemolysis
Y GT Serum
Lactate dehydrogenase, LDH Serum
Creatinine Serum
Chloride Serum
Potassium Serum
Sodium Serum
Albumin Serum
α1 Globulin Serum
α2 Globulin Serum
β1 Globulin Serum
β2 Globulin Serum
γ Globulin Serum
C-reactive protein Serum
ANA IFT (HEp2 cells) Serum
Procalcitonine Serum
Anti staphylolysin Serum
Anti streptolysin Serum
Rheumatoid factor Serum
CCP ab Serum
TSH Serum
HIV I/II, ag/ab Serum
Brucella IgG Serum
Brucella IgM Serum
Bartonella henselae IgG Serum
Bartonella henselae IgM Serum
Borrelia burgdorferi IgG/IgM Screen Serum
Chlamydia IgG Serum
Chlamydia IgA Serum
Coxiella (Q-fever) IgG phase 2 Serum
Coxiella (Q-fever) IgM phase 2 Serum
Cryptococcus neoformans, antigen Serum
Cytomegalovirus IgG Serum
Cytomegalovirus IgM Serum
Epstein-Barr virus VCA IgM Serum
Epstein-Barr virus VCA IgG Serum
Epstein-Barr virus EBNA IgG Serum
Histoplasma capsulatum antibodies Serum
Hepatitis B: HBs antigen Serum
Hepatitis C: anti HCV Serum
Leishmaniasis antibodies Serum
Rickettsia conori IgG Serum
Rickettsia conori IgM Serum
Rickettsia typhi IgG Serum
Rickettsia typhi IgM Serum
Toxoplasma IgG Serum
Toxoplasma IgM Serum
Quantiferon-Tbc Test Heparinized blood
Glucose Urine
Bilirubin Urine
Ketone Urine
Specific gravity Urine
Erythrocytes Urine
pH Urine
Protein Urine
Urobilinogen Urine
Nitrite Urine
Leukocytes Urine
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Position: Mandatory provision
Price: CHF 1'594.70
+ Processing fee:
(per order and per day)
CHF 24.00
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Partially external services
Execution time
Part result: 1 day
Final result: 7 days
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