7893 - EpCAM, Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC)

Material & Volume
  • 2x 7.5ml EDTA Blood
Clinical Information

One of the most promising developments in cancer medicine is the detection of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) as a minimally invasive multifunctional biomarker. CTCs in peripheral blood originate from solid tumours and are responsible for metastasis. Quantification of CTCs can help to estimate and predict the course of disease in patients. It can thus be seen as a 'liquid biopsy' and real-time marker for tumour progression and survival prognosis.

Results and interpretation: Number of EPCAM-positive tumour suspect cells detectable in 7.5 ml EDTA blood.
Progressions are displayed graphically and support the evaluation of disease and therapy progression.
We recommend the following interpretation for initial measurements:
0-30 cells/7.5ml EDTA blood: no repeat measurement indicated
30-100 cells/7.5ml EDTA blood: repeat measurement indicated after approx. 3 months
>100 cells/7.5ml EDTA blood: further tumour diagnosis indicated

Blood sampling preferably Monday to Thursday with specification of clinical results, type of tumour, treatment etc.

Complementary diagnostics NK cell test, basic profile 2830
The NK cell test can be recommended to additionally map the ability of killer cells as primary, non-MHCdependent immune defence against tumour cells. It measures the number, degranulation ability as an indicator of cytotoxicity, and stimulability by interleukin 2 in the basic profile.

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  • liquid biopsy
  • EpCAM
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