8566 - Antioxidants

Material & Volume
  • EDTA Blood, 5ml
    Serum protected from light, 1ml
    Plasma or serum, 1ml
  • Centrifuge, separate serum/plasma immediately.
Related analyses
Description Material
Selenium Plasma or serum
Zinc Plasma or serum, free of hemolysis
Antioxydative capacity (TAC) Serum
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) EDTA Blood
Glutathione peroxidase EDTA Blood
β-carotene Serum protected from light
Vitamin E Serum protected from light
Position / Price
Position: Partially mandatory provision
Price: CHF 315.50
+ Processing fee:
(per order and per day)
CHF 21.60
Executing laboratory
Partially external services
Execution time
Part result: 1 day
Final result: 10 days
During opening-hours:
Outside opening-hours: