8888 - Preeclampsia screening in early pregnancy (WG 11+1 to 13+6)

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Pre-eclampsia (EPH) affects 2-5% of pregnant women and is the leading cause of death of pregnant women in Western countries. Diagnosis is made by evidence of arterial hypertension and proteinuria. Developmental disorders of placental angiogenesis are involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. Newly, the expectant mother's risk of pre-eclampsia can already be determined as part of first-trimester diagnostics. By combining the patient's history with biophysical and biochemical parameters, it is possible to detect more than 90 percent of the pregnancies that will subsequently develop into pre-eclampsia.
With a false positive rate of 5%, 80-90% of pregnancies with pre-eclampsia before the 34th week of gestation can be identified, as well as approximately 61% of pre-eclampsia cases before the 37th week of gestation. With an increased risk, daily intake of aspirin 100 before the 16th week of pregnancy may reduce the risk by about 50%.

Factors considered in early risk screening of preeclampsia:
Biophysical factors: ultrasound examination; arterial blood pressure, Doppler pulsatility index of the arteries Uterinae (UAPI); Ethnic Origin; Height and weight of pregnant women.
Clinical data: number and course of previous pregnancies; multiple pregnancy; conception method
Maternal history: known disease (s), in particular diabetes mellitus type I/II, systemic lupus erythematosus, antiphospholipid syndrome, hypertension; pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy, familial history of pre-eclampsia; smoking status; medical therapy
Biochemical markers: Placental Growth Factor (PIGF) and Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A)

Result/interpretation: There will be a risk calculation for the 20.-33., 34.-37. and 38.-40. WP.

Note: Special Form (Item No. M7680)

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