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Empowering women at labor team w ag

7 of 10 employees at labor team w ag are women. 25% of our C-level positions are also held by women, which is a comparatively high share. For an employer, this is reason enough to ensure fair...

Endotest® Diagnostic: A Quantum Leap in the Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Most women affected by endometriosis have suffered for years before a diagnosis could be made. In some cases, surgical intervention was required for diagnosis. This thorny ordeal can be shortened to a few days thanks to an innovative test.

Free vitamin D and vitamin D binding protein

Until now, the determination of the vitamin D status was done by measuring the total vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D). With the new opportunity to determine the free vitamin D and the vitamin D-binding protein (VDBP), questions regarding the vitamin D status is answered more precisely and in a more personalised way in certain clinical situations.