0970 - Benperidol

Material & Volume
  • Serum, 2ml
Reference values
Age Sex Pregnant Range Unit
All No 1.0-10.0 therapeutic range
>20.0 toxic
Clinical Information

Benperidol is a high-potency neuroleptic of the Butyrophenone Group. It functions as a dopamine blocker in the basal ganglia and displays a strong affinity to D2 receptors. This leads to side effects. Benperidol administration usually comes with side effects as EPS-elastosis peforans serpiginosa, fatigue, hypotension or heart- rate and –rhythm disorders. For this reason Benperidol is recommended as a reserve medication for schizophrenia therapies.

Type of drug: antipsychotic drug
Metabolism: unknown
Half life t½: 4-6h
Steady State: 1-2 days
TDM: useful

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