8170 - Fetal RHD genotyping

Material & Volume
  • 2x Blood in Streck-tubesĀ® or 2x EDTA Blood
    NIPT(GOLDnatal)-form, written consent from the patient
Clinical Information

Noninvasive test for fetal rhesus (RHD) status in maternal blood.
It is determined if the fetus RHD is positive or RHD negative. In the case of a RHD negative mother, rhesus prophylaxis may be dispensed with in the case of an RHD negative unborn child.
Indications: Suspected maternal immunization against RhD; re-pregnancy in the presence of an immune anti-D antibody; suspected Mobus haemolyticus neonatorum (MHN); desire for renunciation of Rh prophylaxis if the fetus RHD is negative
Test time: from 18 WoP recommended (from 12 WoP possible: if RHD negative, test recovery after 18 WoP)
Note: Store tubes at room temperature and transport.
Written consent from the patient is required.

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