20000 - Endotest® Diagnostic saliva test (Endometriosis clarification)

Material & Volume
  • Saliva
  • Saliva set M275
Clinical Information

Endotest® Diagnostic enables the diagnosis of endometriosis with a reliability of over 95 %. Using a simple saliva sample, the expression pattern of 109 different micro-RNAs involved in the development of endometriosis is examined. Endotest® Diagnostic uses the two cutting-edge technologies of high-throughput sequencing and artificial intelligence.

The advantages of Endotest® Diagnostic :
- Fast and non-invasive diagnostics
- High reliability: sensitivity = 97%, specificity = 100%.
- All types of endometriosis can be detected

Position / Price
Position: Mandatory provision
Price: CHF 781.20
  • Next-Generation Sequencing
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Execution time
20 days
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